Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, soybeans, corn, peaunts, wheat, broad bean, mung beans, raisin, barley, oats, buckwheat, millet, red beans, black beans, kidney beans etc.
  1. The color sorter uses 5000+ high performances CCD sensors with resolution of up to 0.1mm.
  2. The sorter adopts high quality special industrial lenses designed and manufactured for color sorting.
  3. High speed DSP technology provides the sorter with fast detection and a high identification rate. A special coarse cereal detection algorithm has been designed.
  4. The master control system adopts an ARM high-end embedded processor, effectively enhances both the  control speed and color selection precision.
  5. The entire unit adopts  an intelligent closed-loop control.
  6. The operation interface adopts an  industrial grade 7-inch TFT contact screen and features simple parameters for setting and easy operation.
  7. A high speed air valve is used to ensure a quick response, low power consumption and long service life.
  8. Sorters utilize an intelligent temperature and air pressure control technology in order to ensure the best operative mode for the whole machine.
  9. Due to failure alarm automation and a modular construction, any repairs will be easier.
Model AC1 AC2 AC3
Channels 64 128 256
Throughput (t/h) 03-06 0.8-1.4 1,2-2,0
Accuracy >99.95% >99.98% >99.98%
Waste 1:0.125 >1:0.125 >1:0.125
Voltage (v) ~220v 50Hz ~220v 50Hz ~220v 50Hz
Power (kw) 1,5 2,5 2,8
Pressure (Mpa) ≥0.6 ≥0.6 ≥0.6
Consumption (L/min) 500-1200 800-1800 1000-2500
Weight (Kg) 500 700 900
Demension (L×W×H) 825 x 1590 x 184 1125 x 1518 x 1880 1425 x 1518 x 1880

Note: The above parameters may vary with types, shapes and grain sizes of raw material and defect rate. So, please choose accordingly. The above dimensions of the machine are given only for reference, only.