Kategoria: Packing machines

Functional characteristics

  1. Weighing, filling, opening, feeding, sewing and other processes are fully automatic.
  2. It is also applicable to soft and open packing bag.
  3. Compact bag design and resonable layout of miltiple dust removal outlets to avoid dust.
  4. friendly man-machine operation interface is operated simply and conveniently.
  5. Pneumatic, electric and testing components of the world famous brands are adopted, and they are safe, reliable, fast and stable.
  6. It has a remote diagnosis function and can be maintained easily.
Model FAG-750A FAG-750B
Packing range (kg) 10~25 40~50
Packing speed (bag/h) 500~750  500~750
Weighing precision  ±0.1%~±0.2  ±0.1  ±0.2%
Bag specifications (mm) Bag widith:400-500;
Bag widith:600-800;
Bag widith:500-600;
Bag widith:800-1000;
Ambient temperature 0~40°C 0~40°C
Power supply, power consumption AC380V 50Hz, 12kW AC380V 50Hz, 12kW
Gas source, gas consumption 0.4~0.6MPa, 15Nm³ 0.4~0.6MPa, 15Nm³
Overall dimension (mm) L x W x H 5000X3200X4200 5500X3420X4630

Note:Depends on the specific characteristics of packing materials and packing specifications