Research, development, design and production of food and industrial equipment for sorting colors.

P.H.U.P. Paweł Katolik is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, design and manufacturing of food and industrial color sorting equipment. The Company has a powerful R&D team which has been working many years on an optoelectronic color sorter and CCD color sorter, and possesses rich practical experience as well as a strong research and development capability, especially in the field of technological advantage in digital optoelectronic detection, represented by CCD sensor. The monochrome CCD color sorter developed and produced by our Company is a cutting edge item in leading status in domestic industries, and the color CCD color sorter initiates the domestic market. Now, the main products of our Company include series of rice color sorters, cereals color sorters, tea color sorters, dehydrated vegetables color sorters, and so on, which can meet the color sorter requirements of different customers. What is more, meeting to our customers' practical requirements, our Company would provide the services related to full design project, manufacture, installation and debugging, and technique training. For different materials and different color selection requirements, we provide efficient solutions. No matter where you are, we are ready!